How to Get Out of Jury Duty?

Answer While it is your civic duty to attend jury duty, there are some secrets to getting out of the obligation. Generally, citizens are randomly selected to perform jury duty. However, If you just don't ... Read More »

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Is jury duty pay reported to the IRS?

Jury duty pay must be reported to the IRS. This includes the compensation received for your time on jury duty, but it does not include allowances for travel, food or lodging.References:IRS: FAQs fo... Read More »

How to Survive Jury Duty?

Surviving jury duty is really not that hard.  Keep in mind that if you were unfairly charged as a criminal defendant, or your child was hurt in an accident, you would want someone honest like you ... Read More »

How to Calculate Jury Duty Pay?

Jury duty is considered a civic duty in the U.S. Jurors are compensated for their time, but the amount paid can vary by county and state. The amount of money paid is dependent on the length of the ... Read More »

Are iPods allowed on jury duty?

It is often dependent on the court in question as to whether or not they will permit electrical items such as iPods or phones, so calling ahead to find out the rules is advised. It is certain, howe... Read More »