What do you want to eat for your last dinner in this life?

Answer pizza

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What is something you want to do in your life before you die Also, How do you want to die?

Something I want to do before I die doesn't have to do with going places or physical things. I just want people to know I love them and I want to be at peace within myself and with Jesus Christ.Whe... Read More »

I want an easy life. Without a lot of work. Is this possible?

yes!!! I know the answer for it!! the answer can be put in this way: make your work enjoyable! this is a very realistic answer ( I know someone would just say that this answer is stupid ). But you ... Read More »

What would you like to eat in the last day of your life?

mushrooms and fillet steak wif blue veggies fennel and colcannon pots followed by egg cutard tart my mother used to make yum yum ...........washed down wif champers and of course my ... Read More »

MJ fans: This is so NOT it! Want to know the truth about MJ last days?

thanks for answering mine! people say they don't think he was 108lbs but hasn't anyone noticed how many layers of clothing Michael had on? as someone else stated..."they whacked the wrong guy this ... Read More »