What do you usually order when eating at a restaurant?

Answer Whatever pizza they have that is just like cheese on it, I'm fussy and I never know what anything is in restaurants so yeah lol.ooooh or if mcdonalds: Large quarter pounder meal with fries and coke... Read More »

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Simple Food poll. Besides the main course what is your favorite side order when when eating at a ->?

Restaurant- Garlic mashpotato'sDinner- MeatballsFast food- french fries

What is your favorite meal to order when you are at a Restaurant Diner Deli?

Mornin Scooter, Hugs on yer Sunday.I love seafood so that's what I usually go forShark SteakSwordfish SteakCrabLobsterBut my fave meal of the whole year is at Thanksgiving, and that's for at home. ... Read More »

Diabetics: When you order diet soda in a restaurant,?

I carry a few those urine glucose test strips in my purse. If I order something in a restauraunt and I don't know if I got what I ordered, I can secretely dip the test strip into the drink and find... Read More »

Are we really eating cat when we order chinese food?

No that is not true. I have also heard it was dog.