What do you usually mix malibu with?

Answer coke or lemonade or orange juice or pineapple juice Mmmmm : )

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What does Malibu go with?

Usually goes with any fruity juiceCitrusApplePineappleMangoEtcAnd lemonadeI would just google for cocktail recipesI only suggested the above as my gf loves malibu

What do you usually eat with Nutella?

Try some simple sponge cake, vanilla or chocolate. Spread it over a slice or make a sandwich and you'l' see that is extra delicious!Also, put it inside two toast bread slices and then bake in a san... Read More »

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What types of things are usually affiliated with loss of sleep?

Stress and anxiety can interrupt sleep patterns. Is your head buzzing when you wake up? Switch to decaffenated tea and coffee and cut out fizzy drinks. Don't eat after 8pm. Are you taking any co... Read More »