What do you usually have for breakfast :) ?

Answer I blend up a fruit based drink (banana, mango, strawberries.... whatever I have at the time) with yogurt and protein powder (sometimes fat reduced milk depending on what fruit is used) and couple o... Read More »

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What do you usually have for breakfast and state your country?

It varies. Often cereal (Weetabix a definite favourite). It's what I grew up with, as most British people do (which tells you where I'm from).Or porridge, which used to be rather a chore but it's... Read More »

Have you eaten food which is usually reserved for Breakfast at Dinnertime If so What was it?

'Black pudding' is usually served at Breakfast, what is it made of?

Black pudding or blood pudding is a sausage made by cooking blood with a filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled. Blood sausage is a more recent North American translation for the Ge... Read More »

I went into a Burger King in RI at 7:00AM for the first time(I do not usually eat breakfast out)?

Huh? Why should the two companies merge? They have nothing in common. There is no reason for their CEOs or employees to want to merge.