What do you usually cook on a date?

Answer it doesn't get cooler than this…

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What do people usually cook for dinner ?

my favorite site for newbies to cooking is their front page always features something interesting to cook. All recipes are in step by step format so the newbie cannot get it wro... Read More »

What do people usually cook for lunch ?

I generally don't cook for lunch. I make a green salad and add fruit or tomatoes, deli meat like turkey or ham or dinner left-over meat or poached salmon to the greens. Sometimes I add nuts and c... Read More »

What should I cook for a first dinner date?

My suggestion would be to start with something traditional, like Sticky toffee rat onna range rats and sticks are freely available in all localities. For the main course, a little ligh... Read More »

How long do people usually date before they get married?

When it comes to the proper length of time to date before marriage, no firm rules have been established. While some couples only date a few weeks before marriage, others date for several years. Whe... Read More »