What do you use when covering a wound with bandages?

Answer Bandages are the material used to secure dressings in place over a wound. As far as what to use, it depends on the wound. Typically, an open wound can be successfully dressed with gauze. In the fie... Read More »

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What is white gel type paste appearing on my burn wound on my stomach.its more than 9 days of my wound?

If it is spontaneously appearing, it is probably pus. Is the wound site red and tender to the touch? Does the wound look "full" like it has something underneath it?If so, it is likely infection.

Doctor lanced my long does it take for the wound to it suppose to swell up he wound is deep!?

Very normal. Sounds like you have a Staph infection. Nasty business. Just stick w/ the antibiotics and drink TONS of water, this flushes out the toxins. Keep it clean and avoid strenuous exercise u... Read More »

How to Buy Bandages?

This article will help you decide what type of bandage you need and where the best places are to go to get the bandages you need.

How to Keep Bandages on a Dog?

The injuries and surgeries our pets experience can be traumatic, often requiring specialized wound care and bandaging. Keeping these healing bandages in place can be an animal all its own. Most dog... Read More »