What do you use to make molds for concrete?

Answer On One Hand: Making a Reusable MoldWhen making a reusable concrete mold, you will need a material that is waterproof--so that it won't soak up the moisture from the concrete, and flexible--so that ... Read More »

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How do I make concrete countertop molds?

Making TemplatesCreate a template of the countertop by connecting strips of wood veneer by securing the strips to the surface of the cabinets. Place diagonal strips at the corners for extra support... Read More »

How do I make ledgestone concrete molds?

The FramePlace the stones to make a 5 foot long pattern on a plywood work surface. Stagger the ends of the stones as if they were on a brick wall so the casts will blend seamlessly together. Build ... Read More »

How do I make a concrete sidewalk with molds?

Digging the AreaUse 2x4 boards for straight sidewalks, but choose 12-inch hardboard siding--sometimes called Masonite--to create curved shapes for sidewalk molds--called forms. Cut the hardboard in... Read More »

How do I make concrete block molds?

Making Concrete Block MoldsMark one, 8-foot long 2x4 lumber board with a pencil at 2-foot intervals. Use a handsaw to cut the board on the pencil markings, spacing them every 2 feet. Lay the cut lu... Read More »