What do you think would happen if I drank from my toner cartridge?

Answer You would get Some sort of "ailment" !!! But, Don't worry theres a pill to take care of it.!!

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Why do I get "Low Toner" message after installing a new toner cartridge?

I suspect that the toner cartridge, being a non-OEM cartridge, was either a remanufactured cartridge and not reset correctly when done or the printer is not recognizing it correctly. You might try ... Read More »

What would happen if someone drank ink?

How to Override a HP Toner Cartridge?

HP laser printers alert you when its toner cartridge is out of ink. In most cases, these printers give you a premature warning so you end up buying a new toner even though the old toner still has s... Read More »

How do I refill an l50 toner cartridge?

Acquire ToolsPurchase Uni Kit formula 1A toner and a toner-hole-making tool. You will need a funnel cap and a hole plug (substitute with duct tape or electrical tape if necessary).Make HolePlug the... Read More »