What do you think would be a good name for a gluten free beer?

Answer As a person with a gluten allergy/celiac, this is an exciting question- I would name the beer anything that had to do with 'celebrating'.. there are gluten-free beers out in link below..... Read More »

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How to Buy Gluten Free Beer?

Gluten-free beer is an alcoholic beverage made from ingredients without glycoproteins. It is an alternative to traditional beer for people with gluten intolerance, such as those with celiac disease... Read More »

How to Homebrew Gluten Free Sorghum Beer?

SorghumPeople who have celiac disease must avoid foods and beverages that contain gluten. Gluten occurs naturally in barley, wheat, and rye. Beer is usually a beverage that must be avoided by peopl... Read More »

Are there any gluten-free restaurant's in Salt Lake City/ Park City Utah or places with gluten free menus?

Here are some of the national restaurants that have gluten free menus. CarrabbasOutbackBonefish GrillOlive GardenRuby TuesdayUno's (check ahead of time--I think only the larger ones but the gf piz... Read More »

Why does the blue buffalo dog food say'gluten free'when it was on the recall list for gluten?

The Blue Buffalo Company sells a variety of dog food and treats, which are all labeled as gluten free. A few products were on the gluten recall list; however, Blue Buffalo maintains that the inclus... Read More »