What do you think when you see a sophomore girl with braces?

Answer Not a turn off. Beside you can get cool colors as well. They will be off in no time.

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Is it awkward to have a 9 year old girl have braces?

i got my braces when i was 9 and now i am 10. It was awkward because i was the only one in 4th grade to have braces. SO yes.

Braces make a girl less attractive?

braces dont make a girl less atractive. they look better then having crooked teeth though. And in a way they add character to your appearance... and if your pretty without braces it doesnt really m... Read More »

Can a girl still be attractive with braces (GUYS ONLY)?

yes, i think they can, it can be very sexy.

Do boys mind/care if a girl has braces?

nope braces is not a problem.. well to most guys there are a couple picky ones, but those aint worth it