What do you think the next new technology will be?

Answer Pcs will be the size of ipods, be always online where ever you are and will be controlled by your eyeballs looking at an application.

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What do you think technology will be like in the next 50 years?

that's a big open ended question!! I think that in the near future wireless technology is going to become more advanced and very popular. Those pesky wires coming out of your mouse and keyboard..... Read More »

What do you think the next flu will be called?

Flu viruses are named after the region they come from, or, if they mutate from another species, that species.Perhaps the next 'pandemic' will be television anchorman flu'.

LMAO..what will they think of next!!?

I've actually heard good things about the nose frida though thankfully, we haven't had a lot of snot to deal with, so I haven't tried it. It does LOOK ridiculous though.The only other one I would ... Read More »

What do you think will be the next generation Programming Language?