What do you think the best & worst parts about facebook are?

Answer the worst...signing onthe best...signing off

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Who do think is worst on american idol, best, who do think is going to win?

Melinda and Lakesha should place in the top two and Sanjaya just needs to go home.

What is the best and worst movie M. Night Shyamalan has directed Do you think he still makes good films?

Best - The Sixth Sense, honorable mention for Signs.Worst - The Village.And yes, I think his more recent work show that he is slipping.

What do you think about "add me" on facebook?

Well it's like adding strangers on Myspace, or adding strangers as contacts on Yahoo!It's fine and if you don't like the person all you have to do is unfriend/block them. If you're going to meet th... Read More »

What do you guys think about under 15's getting there lip pierced and other parts done?

The world is not fair (sort of fact of life...)however, think on, those people will be 'breaking the rules' (actually, not a lot the school can do, without doing more harm - stopping the... Read More »