What do you think on this article bashing legalizing marijuana?

Answer **** IT! LEGALIZE!! 420!! SWED.

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What about legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes?

i have rhumatoid arthritis, inflamatory back disease, and three hurniated disks in my spine, because of marijuana i don't take any pain killers and i don't take any muscle relaxers. i wouldn't mind... Read More »

Ktm 2 stroke street legalizing?

First you need to find out IF it's legal where you live, no point doing it if it isn't.All the states in the United States, except Arizona have outlawed 2-stroke motorcycles that were not 'original... Read More »

How to Make a Hangover Bashing Salad?

You know that feeling! Your body is feeling weak and flat, your head is cracking open and the poisonous green liquor clouds in the bedroom are poisoning all the house plants! Yes, you drank too muc... Read More »

Vegetarians What made u become a Vegetarian Not a bashing question.?

A number of factors. I am very interested in ethics and social and political philosophy. My studies and my readings really brought home the moral arguments and i wasn't able to find an even remotel... Read More »