What do you think on this article bashing legalizing marijuana?

Answer **** IT! LEGALIZE!! 420!! SWED.

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What about legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes?

i have rhumatoid arthritis, inflamatory back disease, and three hurniated disks in my spine, because of marijuana i don't take any pain killers and i don't take any muscle relaxers. i wouldn't mind... Read More »

Aurora, Colorado shooting survivors: Are people bashing this man too much?

Uumm He shouldnt have brought them to the theater is all i could say

What do you think of the Wikipedia article on Neda Agha-Soltan?

It's OK. The way things have worked out in Iran is a terrible shame. I remember talking to a beautiful young Iranian woman (All Iranians are nice looking, smart, and articulate it seems) at the tim... Read More »

Marijuana prevents Alzheimer's Heard this on the radio this morning, can anybody provide a link or some cred?…and a motherload of scientific journeys at…