What do you think of when you hear that people cut themselves to feel better?

Answer It actually makes sense to cut yourself to feel better. When you cut yourself, your brain sends out a pleasant feeling chemical to assure you that you won't die.

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What do deaf people hear in their head when they think?

i see and feel myself signing inside my head so i guess it's like "hearing" voice in my head. i know it might sound strange to you but it is normal to me because it has been like that all my life.

What favorite song do you have that when you hear it it makes you feel good?

Why is it that people call themselves vegetarian when they eat fish?

because their stupid and don't actually know what a vegetarian is.....and lady you posted because its fish not meat fish is meat if it has flesh then ummm lets see its probably ******* meat...

When you feel down, what do you do to feel better?

I will tell a story. One day a farmer heard a loud shrieking coming from an old abandoned well on his farm. He look down the well and much to his dismay, his trusty, long time pal, Donkey was layin... Read More »