What do you think of vegetarianism?

Answer i think it's wonderful that people at this advanced day and age are finally beginning to reallise that killing animals for no real reason is a pointless and cruel thing to do, we can actually make ... Read More »

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Does anyone else think Vegetarianism is stupid?

There are many many vegetarian Christians, the difference is, they know eating or not eating meat or eating and using other animal based products has nothing at all to do with salvation or forgiven... Read More »

What are the arguments AGAINST vegetarianism?

1. Our bodies are designed as omnivores. Take a look at our dental records and our nutrient requirements.2. Meat is yummy! :)

What is Your Opinion on Vegetarianism?

It's probably great for you as long as you can get enough protein (like from soy or something). I will say that I've heard it's quite difficult. If you're only doing it for health reasons, I thin... Read More »

What would happen if Americans changed their diet to vegetarianism?

Mad Cow disease, well it comes from the feed made from the by-products of animals ground up & mixed with grasses & GM corn & feed to herbivores. Doesn''t take much in this 'depression" to save mone... Read More »