What do you think of this remix?


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How to Remix?

Remixing is a blast. You've heard it—that ballad from the 70s, but now with a driving contemporary beat that really brings that old tune to life. A remix can change the style, feel, even the emot... Read More »

How to Make a DJ Remix?

Making a DJ remix requires a thorough understanding of musical notation and computer audio recording programs. A remix is constructed in two ways: by combining parts from one artist's material with... Read More »

How to Make a Remix?

In this modern age of digital music, affordable editing software and consumer computers put what used to be the power of a million-dollar recording studio in literally the palm of your hand. Hence,... Read More »

How to Remix Using Mixcraft?

Mixcraft is a digital audio workstation that lets you record, edit, mix and remix your music using a PC. Remixing is the process of modifying and adjusting the various audio components within a son... Read More »