What do you think of this digital camera (is it a good one)?

Answer Ive seen good reviews. Ive seen nothing which would lead me to advise against it. For $99 I would say its a good value.

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Is this camera good to use at hockey games Nikon - Coolpix 12.1-Megapixel Digital Camera - Black?

there are two buttons with a green dot next to them in the cluster of buttons surrounding the LCD screen on the top of the camera (the AF button and EV compensation button). Hold these two buttons ... Read More »

Do you think I can buy a good camera digital/film under 500$?

I would say either an SLR or a digital cam with good optical zoom would be best for what you are trying to accomplish. FYI- many photo labs can PRINT in black and white-upon request so you don't ne... Read More »

Did I get a good deal on this digital camera?

Yes, if this is all you need in a camera, then you did get a good deal! I personally am interested in serious photography, so I have a DSLR, and three lenses. But, if your camera has enough MP's... Read More »

I am buying a digital many megapixels do I need Is this a good one?

8 megapixels is more than enough. That camera looks like a good one.Alternatively, Mrs. VE and I have the camera below, and it's a fantastic camera.