What do you think of this design?

Answer I like it that it's clean and I like the style..But.. I would make the blue box the same width as the white box. Make the shadows of the boxes a tiny bit lighter. And make Orkbo stand out a little ... Read More »

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• • • • • - What do you think of this design for a website - • • • • •?

Looks good. But it appears the plane is blocking some words. Was that intentional?

I see Madonna wants people to think of her as being like Gandhi, what do you think of this?

The funniest thing for me is Madonna being a student of Kaballah (Jewish Mysticsm)There are very strict rules set for who is even allowed to study it as it is believed to be so intense on the mind,... Read More »

What do you think of this PG test I took this morning....Pic included!?

What about this design for a tattoo on my foot?

it is super cute.... i like it, its not to boring but not to flashey either