What do you think of the 'warning' labels on cigarette packets?

Answer I work in healthcare (chemotherapy) and see the effects of smoking. In my humble opinion, the warnings should be in neon lights, and should yell out to the person everytime they take one out of the... Read More »

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Do you think cigarette packs should have visual warning labels?

Yeah, sure thing, and so should alcohol too. I've gotten skatfaced drunk and almost hurt myself a couple of times drinking, said stupid things, and even made my only girlfriend leave me, and hardly... Read More »

What year were warning labels put on cigarette packs?

Cigarette warning labels first appeared after passage of the U.S. Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act in 1965. The law made warning labels on cigarettes and cigarette advertisements compulsory i... Read More »

Why do some packets of peanuts have the warning may contian nuts on them?

Same reason that hair blowers have a warning not to use them when sleeping. The lawyers are trying to cover every base to avoid any potential lawsuits.

U.S. Government Regulations for Warning Labels?

The U.S. government compiles all regulations for warning labels into the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Two federal departments administer and enforce these regulations. The Department of Trans... Read More »