What do you think of the new " Argos " catalogue ?

Answer Wow I think it's lovely - better cover than the last one, - seriously I agree with you their prices have gone up quite a lot!!!!! good question!!!!

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WHAT TO DO !!! One seed catalogue says certain plants are zone 3 but a diff catalogue says they're zone 4?

They say lilac bushes are zone 4, but here we zone three'ers are growing lilacs like they're going out of style. So either just guess, or err on the side of caution and stay in zone three. I also c... Read More »

What is a library catalogue?

According to the Online Dictionary of Information Science, a library catalogue, or catalog, is a list of "books, periodicals, maps, and other materials in a given collection, arranged in systematic... Read More »

What is the equivalent of Argos in Australia?

Harvey Norman, Target, K Mart, Big W. are the biggest.

How to Use the Card Catalogue?

Card catalogues, alphabetical lists of book authors, subjects and titles, first appeared in 1789 in France when the revolutionary government confiscated religious libraries and decided to use the b... Read More »