What do you think of the first name Electra?

Answer On first sight, most people are going to either associate it with electricity or Carmen Electra. Think about how you would react upon meeting someone with any name before you name a child it.

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What is the meaning of the name Electra?

The girl's name Electra derives from the Old Greek words "elektor" (brilliant or shining) and "elektron" (amber). In Greek mythology, the name Electra was borne by the daughter of Agamemnon.Refere... Read More »

Who do you think my first name is?

Name of the first railroad built entirely across the United States from PA to CA (I think)?

The way you asked the question the answer would be no one railroad ever built completely across the United States. Even the misnamed Transcontinental was built by two railroads. All of the Transco... Read More »

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