What do you think of the Sunday Times' "10 best Wikipedia entries" ?

Answer Great! Thanks for sharing! People who dismiss Wikipedia are either:1) Academically snotty people who love to point out that it's not suitable to use as a resource for a PhD thesis. These people do ... Read More »

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About how many entries are there in Wikipedia?

Does anyone know how to change the images on wikipedia entries?

The best and quickest way to do this is to upload the image to Wikimedia Commons, the common media repository for all Wikimedia projects. You just need to create an account ( Read More »

Why do wikipedia entries about people never have the picture?

Somewhat. They need copyright-free pictures so that anyone could copy them without running into a lawsuit.They will consider fair-use images only if it is an image of a dead person. Otherwise, insi... Read More »

Why are there so many entries on Wikipedia dealing with moths?

Because there are quite a few different kinds of moths, and someone decided to write about them. There are many entries on pretty much anything on Wikipedia, moths aren't an exception here.