What do you think of the Jekyll & Hyde restuarant/bar in NYC?

Answer My newphew (he was about eleven) came to visit from California and we took him to Jekyll & Hyde. He had such a good time, that even though the food was pretty bad and overpriced, we all had a gre... Read More »

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What bad things did mr hyde do in the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde?

kill sir Denver crew and trample on little girl named Eddie

What is the plot of 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'?

It is breifly about a man who after drinking a potion can transform into his alter ego named Mister Hyde giving him no accountability for his crimes as Mr. Hyde. It has been called a metaphor for A... Read More »

What is the climax in dr jekyll and mr hyde?

Jekyll was unable to find a necessary ingredient to make his potion. Ironically, Jekyll learns that this most necessary ingredient was in the first instance of his experiments, sullied. Subsequent ... Read More »

What is a jekyll hyde personality?

It is a split personality in which there is an evil side of someone (mainly at night) , and there is a good side to someone. Sometimes the good side battles the bad side.