What do you think of people who are over weight.?

Answer It isn't as simple as that. I am overweight (obese) and it makes me very unhappy but it isn't easy to lose weight as you get older and infirm. I can't take exercise, except for swimming, which I ... Read More »

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How do fat people lose weight?

Why do people gain weight?

Because they don't use the bathroom frequently. Our body is like a toilet. When you put something inside it, your suppose to flush. When food goes into your body, it's suppose to come back out!

How to Put on Weight for Skinny People?

Gaining weight is not always as simple as increasing food intake for people who are naturally underweight. In most cases, when food intake is initially increased, the metabolism increases as well s... Read More »

Why can some people eat all they want and not gain a lot of weight?

Metabolism. Every-bodies functions at a different rate. Some people have high metabolisms and some people have low metabolisms. Tons of things could influence the way your metabolisms works, includ... Read More »