What do you think of people who are over weight.?

Answer It isn't as simple as that. I am overweight (obese) and it makes me very unhappy but it isn't easy to lose weight as you get older and infirm. I can't take exercise, except for swimming, which I ... Read More »

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Im almost 20 stone and im 17 i think im over weight?

Unless yopu are 8'9" you are over weight!

Why does it seem that most of the diets don't work on over weight people?

I think that the main reason is that obese people should be treated as drug addict. The main problem is that both obese and drug addicts have habits that causing them to either eat or do drug. Both... Read More »

What do you think my friend weighs shes 5ft 3in tall and do you think she needs to lose weight?

If a over weight girl has a pretty face could you look past the weight issue?

To be honest NO..As a guy there has to be psychical attraction, and that means slimmish, tallish and pretty, or sexy looking.What about girls who are slim and sex but also have a pretty face? obvio... Read More »