What do you think of my new You Tube Video, do you think it is silly?

Answer HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!That was funny.My question to superman is does he have any other weaknesses other than kryptonite.BYEand keep making more videos

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What silly things did you use to think when you were little?

i used to think worms were spaggetti and ate some ?

What do you think of You Tube?

Don't give out 10 points for doing nothing. Make it the BEST answer. That's not an oppinion, so I dont' want to see anyone getting 10 points on this question.

So I was doing 140 mph in my car do u think thats silly or am I a budding racing driver?

Race drivers do not speed like that on public roadways. They are far too smart for that. You are a budding corpse. Sorry to burst your bubble.

What do you think of the underground tube strikes, I was half an hour late for work!!!!!!!?

Awwww poor you, such a pity.those workers would not be going on strike with no good reason, people dont give up their pay for several days if it isn't necessary. I dont know the details but those s... Read More »