What do you think of my days food?

Answer Ditch the vodka and lemonades and the pringles...Much healthier then.

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What do you reckon of my days food?

so im going to do a little review on each of these meals.breakfast: generally healthy, but since it is the first meal of the day, you need some protein to function at your best for the remainder of... Read More »

Food poisoning diarrhea 3 days later?

Depending on the causative organism, be it viral or bacterial, diarrhea is caused by an upset of the osmotic balance in the intestinal lumen. Being that it has been 3 days, this is not a toxigenic ... Read More »

Looking for alliterations for food for different days of the week?

Tuesday Baked potato night: have lots of things you can put on themWednesday Pancake supper night. Breakfast for dinnerThursday Crock pot night: chili or roast beef or chicken recipesLook up d... Read More »

Why does my food get brought out by someone other than my waitperson so often at restaurants these days?

It is called teamwork. That way food does not sit back there and get cold while your waiter takes another tables order. If the service and follow up are that bad start going somewhere else to eat.