What do you think of my channel layout and video content (I'm a YouTube Partner)?

Answer It's good, add a little more cosmetics to your background :).It matches the theme of your videos,, something like SouthPark animations hehehe :)Try adding one of your characters in the background p... Read More »

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How many views do i need on each video to become a Youtube partner?

It's not that easy becoming a YouTube "Partner". Almost all of them are eithera film creator or director, an artist (musician, singer, actor/actress, comedian), a media company, an advertiser, a br... Read More »

The difference between a copyright strike and a content match in youtube video>?

.... why do people do illegal stuff, and than question why stuff happens to them?A strike is a strike(infraction), and cannot be removed, otherwise you could continuosly do illegal things on and on... Read More »

How is my youtube video and channel?

Topics for a video for my youtube channel?

Talk about things going on in the world, watch the news, but anyway here's some topics:Psy has a new song. It sucks. Kim Kardashians pregnant and someone released a song called "I hit it first", th... Read More »