What do you think of my channel layout and video content (I'm a YouTube Partner)?

Answer It's good, add a little more cosmetics to your background :).It matches the theme of your videos,, something like SouthPark animations hehehe :)Try adding one of your characters in the background p... Read More »

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What do you think of the new youtube layout?

Awful.I cannot find anything. All the font is crazy tiny and poorly organized. They need to switch it back.Oh, and the ratings thing?! Like or Dislike? That's terrible. It's taking away solid opini... Read More »

Does anyone like the new youtube layout Do you think this one is better?

I perfer the way they had it i had no problems with it ever even when i started using youtube it was simple and easy to follow this new one is horrible and complicated and just feels misleading.The... Read More »

Youtube channel What do you think?

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What do you think of my youtube channel?

I'll give it a look.check mine out too: