What do you think of google's new look?

Answer Change is good. Would you want Google to keep their 1998 design? Should we just get rid of internet all together and speak to our friends in person and get information at the libary by reading outd... Read More »

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Do you ever look in the mirror and think ohh yeahh but then look at photo and its like what the hell?

In addition to this, did u know you can take two mirrors, put them in 90 degree angles, and when you look down in the center, it shows the non reversed you. So you can see yourself if you came face... Read More »

Who do you think was the first person to ever look at a chicken and think ...?

Hey K.....I remember it well. It was a Neanderthal man riding on a dinosaur. He ate my baby! sob, sob

Do you think i look big for how many weeks i am and how far along do u think i am?

i would say 33-34 just because u r a little bigger than i am,so how far along r u?

How old do You think I look What age?

idk... you might be in college becuase of your Cal hoody but you look decently young