What do you think of google's new look?

Answer Change is good. Would you want Google to keep their 1998 design? Should we just get rid of internet all together and speak to our friends in person and get information at the libary by reading outd... Read More »

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Different googles?

1. blackle(saves energy)2. google3. EmoGoogle4. Googoththose are all the ones i know!try to use blackle it saves tons of energy. it reduces your electric bill!

How to Use Googles Conversion Feature?

Google has a very large number of programs and features that can be very helpful. Conversion is one of them. It will convert things from something to something else. (ex: Months into days. 1 US dol... Read More »

How to Discover the Secret Googles?

"Secret Googles" are different versions of Google, ones that hardly anyone knows about.

If your computer crashes and you have googles picasa is there a way to retrieve them?

Get rid of the virus!Install any of these free anti-virus programs and live virus free:…… Read More »