What do you think of girls who dip dye their hair?

Answer Yes, I do like it. My friend has hers brown and then dip dyed bleach blonde, and I think that looks really pretty :) A while ago, mine was black and then dip dyed green, I think that looked quite c... Read More »

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How many people think that black girls look better with their natural hair than relaxed hair?

I like it when people are natural and themselves. Being fake and pretentious is not always beautiful, but being yourself is. If you have curly hair and wish for straight, don't go against it..wor... Read More »

Girls, what do you think of guys that do their eyebrows?

i dont think its gay i think its HOT!idk what it is but i really lik it!!! =]answer…

What do you guys think is the average age for girls to lose their virginity these days?

What do girls think of shaved pubic hair on a guy?

Personally, I find it a bit disturbing when a guy shaves all his pubic hair off. It reminds me per-pubescent boys which is bit strange when it comes to sexual activities if you can imagine. I think... Read More »