What do you think of following program?

Answer *BANGS head*SIKE what? you thought I'd really do it?! :O

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What do you think of the following song(for akon fans and or Indians)?

I love that song, I always listen to it :) I thinks its kinda catchy....BQ : well he can speak better than me for sure....lolI think his hindi is good :)

What do you think is the best movie that deals with the following issues?

Morning ((Maddie))Serial Killer: I think "Se7en" and "The Bone Collector"Growing Up: "Mystic River"?Alienation : "Juno"War: "Grave of the Fireflies"School life: " "Easy A"Guilt: "There Will Be Bloo... Read More »

Ladies, if a guy invited you to his place for dinner, and made the following for you, what would you think?

Well Vinny, I think I would definately replace the Italian sausage that's on my plate now with yours!!

The following are all principles of the Army Safety Program?