What do you think of behavior management in a school?

Answer I think there's a lot more that could be done to accommodate for children with a behavioural problem. Often schools have policies in place that will manage the majority of the cohort in the school.... Read More »

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Behavior Management Strategies for School Children?

Children can often be difficult. Even the best students will occasionally experience a lapse in judgment and display some sort of bad behavior. Understanding how to address and manage behavior in t... Read More »

Behavior Management Strategies for Middle School?

As middle school students progress through their tumultuous adolescent years, teachers struggle to establish and maintain classroom control. While managing a group of middle school students is undo... Read More »

High School Classroom Behavior Management Activities?

Occasionally even the best communicated classroom behavior policies will fall short. Whether they are just bored, confused or antsy, students may act up in class, talking too loudly or disrespectfu... Read More »

How to Focus on Positive Behavior Rather Than Negative Behavior During Classroom Management?

NASP Resources reports problem behavior is the most common reason students are removed from the classroom. Students with serious behavior issues generally encompass 20 percent of enrollment. This m... Read More »