What do you think of bacon Opinions?

Answer This is such an individual preference. I think A LOT of people really like bacon, but in my opinion, men cater more to it than women. I am a woman - and I love bacon. I just don't like how it has b... Read More »

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Your opinions on Steelyard Commons. What do you think of it?

I'm not impressed. I love to sew, and the new Walmart has no sewing fabrics, so I still have to go to another one. The Target is set up to where I get lost every time I go in it. Prices are too hig... Read More »

Bacon Turkey Bacon Or Canadian Bacon Which do you like better?

Bacon and only bacon. I do not eat any of that other crap. I lovee bacon.Night Scooter! :)

What are the health benefits of bacon, just want to know what you think?

Well, I am a bacon lover too but I must say I don't think it has many health benefits. It's tasty alright but pork contains the highest level of cholesterol so It can do serious damage if it's cons... Read More »

How you think I would look blonde Platinum. Opinions pleaseee?