What do you think of What I ate today?

Answer The key factor in losing weight is to eat less (junk) and move more. Eating next to nothing to lose weight is unhealthy

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What do you think of Liam Payne's tweets that he tweeted today?

Eastenders...I heard today that Minty and Heather are gonna get together..what do you think...?

Blimey that's a drop in standards from Paul McCartney to Minty!!LOL

37 weeks pregnant today what I think is contractions since yesterday increasing in intensity slight wet feeling is this labour?

We can only guess here so you need to call the hospital and hear what the people there say since they are the ones delivering you.

Question for women. toothache or child birth I was to;d today that toothache is worse. What do you think?

I would imagine if both were drug free that toothache would be worse. I have had six children, the first boy (9lb 30z) was excrutiatingly painful even though i had everything i could including an e... Read More »