What do you think of Web cams and their use online?

Answer can be use as a photo, capture and save it to your computer straight away. for chatting in msn camera on with your friends is very fun.camwhoring. I guess it becoming more common.agree with Alen We... Read More »

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Best web cams?

Just search ebay. I got a 4MP (!) webcam, with zoom, face tracking, and a focusing knob that can focus anywhere from its own lense to infinite, and it cost me £13! There are LOADS of them on ebay.

Do web cams really work?

of coarse they work, i have one...depending on how many programs you have open at the time of using it, will determine how fast the picture travels... if it's just msn, then its nice and quick, the... Read More »

What happens on live sex cams?

Anything you want can happen on live sex cams, just choose the right category and make sure the model does everything you're interested in. On my favorite website there are free chat rooms, so you ... Read More »

Are All Sex Cams Expensive?

Live sex cams don't cost hundreds of dollars. Usually the price is between 1.99 and 6.99 per minute and on the site I use, you can even find chats for 0.99.