What do you think of Sony HDR-CX6EK Camcorder?

Answer Are you sure you want to spend all this money on a camcorder?

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Which camcorder should I buy Sony HDR SR5 or Sony DCR300 There is about a $20 price difference.?

go with the Sony HDR SR5. For that price difference, it cant be beat. Besides standard definition is slowly going out and you will be glad you went with high definition. Make sure your computer can... Read More »

Is sony vegas video editing software free or with any discount when you buy a sony camcorder?

I don't think so, though it's got to be worth haggling if you're buying them from the same shop. Sony's a big company - there isn't much of a connection between the different groups.B&H have Vegas... Read More »

Panasonic full hd camcorder vs sony full hd camcorder, which ones better?

Hi Shaunzy,Both make excellent camcorders and so do the other "A" brands,like Canon,Samsung,JVC, etc.Toshiba and Sanyo are typical cheaper "B" brands but make fineproducts as well.As Sony and Panas... Read More »

Xmas Hi Def camcorder:what do you recommend Sony HDR SR8/7 vs Panansonic HDC-SD1/SD5?

Sony is one of the most quality companites on the planet. Choosing Sony, even with the sometimes harsh pricetag, is the best thing you can do.Remember, you get what you pay for. If you want somethi... Read More »