What do survivalists think about Obama?

Answer Survivalists store food, weapons and other supplies in preparation for disaster, such as the aftermath of a nuclear war or economic collapse, and traditionally hold strong anti-government views.Sig... Read More »

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What do you party freaks in the gardening section think about Obama winning re-election?

Don't sarcastically hate against gardeners. That's wrong.It's also incredible that some blacks acted like this was some kind of civil rights movement and by voting for Obama, they were keeping thei... Read More »

Who do u think will win Obama or Mccain!?

How do you think Obama is going to change the US foreign policy?

The United States and the State of Israel have extensive military and economic relations. Therefore, it is very possible that American weaponry was used by Israelis in the Conflict in the Gaza Stri... Read More »

When did Barack Obama think of becoming President of the United States?

According to an ABC News report, "Barack Obama, Unplugged," the former Illinois State Senator and U.S. Senator established an exploratory committee on Jan. 16th, 2007, to look into the feasibility ... Read More »