What is the music played on the bbc trailer for so you think you can dance?

Answer That would be Dipsy.

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Should I ask a question about music What do you Think?

Do you mean like lyrical meaning in a song?A short time ago someone and I cant remember who pointed out lyrics to a song I am obsessed with I guess I just cant seem to get enough of it lately but t... Read More »

What do you think of a workout according to the music and choreography?

What do you think of all the music videos being taken down from youtube?

have patience and watch this space!!!think about it!!all the music videos will be gone, some artists will say "hey lets give you tube permission to put our video on their because we will be the onl... Read More »

What Do You Think About YouTube Cracking Down On Movie/Music Copyright?

Every YouTube user agreed to abide by the Terms of Service agreement... Part of that agreement is that they wouldn't post copyrighted material. If they did, then YouTube had the right to remove the... Read More »