What do you think of Jack in the Box?

Answer Yum. I eat there all the time, and I'm not fat :)

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Why does Nikki think she can tell Jack what to do all the time on YR?

You know it's funny how we all wanted her to come back on the show and now all we do is complain about her LOL!!Well with her and Jack being such good friends I wouldn't put it pass him to believe ... Read More »

Y&R Do you think Nikki and Jack will get married?

You know, I think that Victor will go to the wedding , then Sharon will show up and cause a scene, but I really believe Nikki and Jack will get married, they will be happy and Victor will be stuck ... Read More »

On Y & R do you think Phyllis will hurt Jack?

To me Phyllis will never be over Nick. Sure she likes Jack but i still think she has feelings for Nick.Phyllis doesnt like her men to be taken over by her sister. To me I think she will play Nick a... Read More »

How do I Carve Jack the Pumpkin King Into a Jack-O-Lantern?

Pumpkin carving has been around for centuries and began in Ireland. The story is told many different ways depending who you ask, but the main theme is a man named Jack and a lantern he made from a ... Read More »