What do you think of HP printers and scanners?

Answer Hp is very well-rounded. They tend be be very sleek looking with higher quality parts than other generic manufacturers. Although the only problem with HP is that they are very proprietary meaning t... Read More »

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Do all in one scanners/printers need ink?

nope u wouldnt need ink if u are scanning alone. However, u will need ink if u are going to print what u scanned.

Scanners & Printers Compatible With Windows Vista?

The Windows Vista operating system is different from early versions of Windows, such as Windows XP or 2000. Because of changes from early versions of Windows, some pieces of hardware may not work c... Read More »

Why are there scanners on 50 dollar printers but you can't buy a scanner for 50 dollars?

There are.…

Could inkjet printers write data for archiving to be read by scanners?

A good ink-jet print out is good enough for any decent scanner to convert into an image file and then read through any OCR (Optical Recognition programe). For Doing OCR - it is preferable not to ha... Read More »