What do you think of Facebook?

Answer I like it, but i think it should only be used for fun and casual chatting. you never want to put anything serious on it because when you're getting a job some places can look at your facebook. i'v... Read More »

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Do you think Facebook would hire me to use my Facebook page?

Get ID of Mark Zuckerberg and mail him your idea, may be he can give it a review.

What do u think of Facebook ?

I think it's great. A good way to catch up. I do get fed up with the millions of requests for different applications though. And all the chain posts to.

Do you go on Facebook If so what do you think of the site?

Yeah i go on it all the timeI love it :)I just think its a great way to keep in touch with mates and make plans etc.x

What do u think of the new Facebook layout?

I hate it....join the group on facebook they need 2 million people before facebook will consider changing it back. Go and join!!!