What do you think of British food?

Answer British food is underrated and going by most of the postings here, many people are ignorant of what there is. To say that there are foods from many cultures is true but it has little to do with Bri... Read More »

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Why do a lot of Americans think that British food is so Bad?

Probably because Americans only started to visit Britain in the 1950s, when there was still food rationing and catering was nationalised. Secondly, as George Orwell observed, you almost never find ... Read More »

· What do you think of Thai food Chinese food English food?

Love Thai food! Its so spicy and coconuty.Chinese food is divine. Love the flavour and also nice and spicy in some of their dishes.English food is difficult to define these days. So much of what th... Read More »

If I have to choose between Mongolian food or British food?

HiI would choose british food as it is what I am used too :-)Have a nice day :-)

What is traditional British food?

England may be a small island, but the traditional cuisine is large, meaty and full of vegetables. Although England may not have the best reputation for food, there are a number of tasty meals that... Read More »