What do you think is wrong with my leg?

Answer You may have tweaked or pulled a muscle, and by continuing to be active, it hasn't had a chance to heal. Stay off of it for a bit and look online for treatments and advice about pulled muscles and... Read More »

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What do you think is wrong with me....?

Have you felt like this for longer than just today? If it is just a one-off than you are probably just bored and need to call a friend and talk, or get out of the house and get some exercise and fr... Read More »

(10points)What do you think is wrong with my TV?

Try another input on the TV. The device hooked up to the TV (cable box, dvd player, etc.) try hooking it up to another input on the back of the TV. If it works then it's just the input that's bad. ... Read More »

What do you think is wrong with my ankle?

Not enough info. Elevating it and icing it will reduce the swelling. Best of luck! (Careful on those steps!)

Icarly idate a bad boy.. What do you think Is wrong with him?

heres my guesses-Hes Gay-Hes a most wanted FBI person-Hes related to her-Hes older than her-He was sent by Nevel-He went to school with spencer-Hes mom is one of the teachers