What do you think is wrong !?

Answer It is probably water in your ear harmless but annoying, clean your ears thoughrally and maybe get some diluted hydrogen peroxide

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What do you think is wrong?

I don't really know. Maybe the tips of your toes are push against the tight material. Is the tips of your toes red?

What do you think is wrong with me....?

Have you felt like this for longer than just today? If it is just a one-off than you are probably just bored and need to call a friend and talk, or get out of the house and get some exercise and fr... Read More »

What do you think is wrong with my leg?

You may have tweaked or pulled a muscle, and by continuing to be active, it hasn't had a chance to heal. Stay off of it for a bit and look online for treatments and advice about pulled muscles and... Read More »

Do you think its wrong to be gay i do. what your input?

YES!! COMPLETELY, people came to earth to populate the earth, if it was right to be gay then their would be adam and john etc etc. and you woudnt even be living today, so please dont be gay, it is ... Read More »