What do you think is better HD DVD'S or BLUE RAY?

Answer Blue ray is better quality, but has limited accessibility as it is a SONY product so competition isnt going to use it

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Do you think that the Blue Ray disc will replace DVDs ( DVDs replaced VHS)?

It's not an either/or choice.Blu-ray is slowly becoming more popular because it offers 1080p (High definition) resolution and advanced audio (not because it has more space). The higher resolution a... Read More »

Do you think Blue-Ray was successful Do you think it will succeed in replacing DVDs in the future?

Blue-Ray is definitely the future as far as storage media is concerned. It is just a matter of time when BD replaces conventional DVD as the storage media of choice in the future. BD has more than ... Read More »

Do dvds look better on a blue ray player?

Yes they do. Blu-Ray players have a special technology that allows it to make the DVD image HD-compatible. But it does not display the full high def resolution. Only Blu-Ray discs display the full ... Read More »

Why are blue ray disc so much better than dvds?

Blu-Ray discs can hold much more information than a DVD and thus they have better picture quality. This is due to the fact that they use a blue laser which has a narrower wavelength and thus they c... Read More »