What do you think is a nice weight for a 5'6 teenage girl?

Answer I think 144 is the average weight for that height. I also am the same height, so I'm pretty sure......I found the link below. Hope it helps.

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What is the average weight for 5ft 8 inch teenage girl?

Anywhere from 9st 7 pounds- 11st 7 pounds. or 59kg- 74 kg.Either way, I'm sure your fine, diiferent things can also effect your weight such as disabilities, muscle index and fitness levels.:)

I'm a 16 year old girl and i weight 118, im 5'5 and im determined to lose weight. do you think thats bad?

Body image issues- particularly for teenage girls- are incredibly complex and very common. 118 at 5'5 sounds like a very healthy weight so I wouldn't worry about it. You may be taller or have a d... Read More »

How much weight would a teenage girl lose, if she started smoking?

Dont get into smokin' baby..You can definitely lose a little as smoking kills the hunger and desire to eat anything, but apart from taking away your fat, it will also take away a lot of other good ... Read More »

Where do teenage girl by these types of clothes from i think they are soo cutee !?

your links are blocked...probably because you are posting someone's facebook (and I'm guessing not yours) on line and they have privacy blocks. Explain the clothes or find similar pictures.......or... Read More »