What do u think is a good name for a baby girl?

Answer I like Ariel

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Do you think Alexus is a pretty name for a baby girl?

My first girlfriend and I named our kid LaTrina. She grew up to be a real pisser. When she finally got married she named the kid Alley. Go with your what your heart tells you, let love be your guid... Read More »

Any good Indian Baby Girl name starting with alphabet "Th"?

name starting with TH quit tough but let me tell you few of them ........Thiyagerajanthimaiyaathakorthilakrajthofiquethabasumtomaas thulvindersingh etc....

Would Herman be a good name for my baby I have 56 cats named Herman already, so I think it's a good fit?

Due for what on March 20th? Commitment to a mental institution? It's a serious health threat to bring an infant into a home overrun by 56 cats. Is it safe to assume that you recognize that you a... Read More »

Do you think that "The Nolte" would be a good nickname for my Baby (his name is Nick)?

Hells yeah, and if you're lucky, he'll grow up to be at least HALF as smokin' hawt as yours truly!*hiccup*