What do you think is REALLY in McDonalds hamburgers?

Answer well "beef" just means from a cow. it could be the ears, lips, fat...who knows! but there is definitely a lot of added stuff other than the "meat" (which can mean a whole other variety of things) w... Read More »

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Do you think putting hamburgers in a plastic bag and throwing it at a wall would improve the taste?

hi walton no it doesnt matter if you do that, it will taste the same just put flavoring on it like garlic powder,pepper,onion powder, and if you want put mustard and ketchup and mix it up then form... Read More »

What do you think about McDonalds hiring registered child molesters?

I don't think child molesters are aloud to be near a place were there are children

Do you think any of the Presidents ever just throw in a few White Castle hamburgers in the microwave oven?

They have to eat, shower, and shave. We're all human:)

Who do you think makes the best fries Mcdonalds or Burger King?

mcdonald's. but that's probably because of the heroin in them.