What do you think caused this?

Answer sounds like psycho-motor seizures suffered by some with a mild form of epilepsy.

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Diabetics ... what do you think caused your diabetes?

I'm a Type 1, so I really have no idea. But I do remember getting a nasty virus about a year before my diagnosis that lasted for weeks. One of the theories is that certain viruses can trigger an ... Read More »

What could this be caused by?

Let's pray it's not cancer!Try relaxing as much as possible until the appt, it may just not be cancerous lumps. Idk you but I am praying because breast cancer effects many woman. My grandmother's s... Read More »

What is this noise caused by?

Maybe a door banging in the wind. Why not ask the flat owner?

What could have caused this?

Hi Imogen DeWilde,Any software or hardware changes can cause BSOD in general. In your case it could be the display driver causing this the trigger I'm not sure (maybe high usage of video card).I wo... Read More »