What do you think about nose piercings am i too young?

Answer I think you should get it done. Why not?But maybe you could try a magnetic one for a week or 2 nd see how noticeable it is. Maybe then you will be able to decide.You can buy them for around $15 usu... Read More »

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What does everyone think about young males (aged 17-25) driving on our roads. are they really dangerous?

You want to know what I think, I think you just stereotyped.

Who do you think should be giving information about alcohol to young people and why?

Possibly ex-alcoholics, or people who have suffered as a result of binge-drinking? They would be able to explain the detrimental effects of excessive alcohol consumption from first-hand experiences... Read More »

What are some albums that you think are really great and you would love the World to know about?

hello Lawmanthis was such an epic question that I'm simply answering so i'll have it on my list of answersi can't wait to look into many of the records mentioned above..just a random 10 albums "For... Read More »

My eight year old son asked for weights for Christmas I think he's too young a friend told me he would be fine if I made limits What do you think?

At age 8 your son should not be worrying about wieghts and muscles. He should be doin fun children activities. I would wait until he was atleast age 13 or well into puberty as you don't want to sti... Read More »